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Do you know someone who's chronically late?

Send a free Official Lateness Citation to your friends, family, colleagues, spouse, dentist, hairdresser, or anyone else who has kept you waiting! Citations are issued from the "National Department of Punctuality and Attendance," and are sure to get results. Lateness citations will be sent by email within two business days, and are absolutely confidential. No one will know you're the informant!

Citations come in two varieties: a kinder, gentler version, and for those who want to get a stronger point across, a get firm version.

To order a free citation, please email info@postmadisonpublishing.com. When ordering, please be sure to indicate which of the two citations you'd like, as well as the intended recipient's email address.

The kinder, gentler version:


The stronger, "no more monkey business" version:



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